DIAMOND WORLD PRODUCTIONS an emerging International Film & Television Production company based in Lahore Pakistan. Formed in 1998 by passionate and creative filmmakers who had the ambition to make commercially viable and excelling cinema films and entertainment television content for worldwide distribution and business. Our prime business is the production of commercially successful Action Films meant for global distribution, Yet we are a diversified full service Specialist production house that deals in wide genre ranging from film, digital media, entertainment, Production, Post-Production delivering premier production services to local and Global clientele for feature film, Episodic television, Television commercial, documentary, Corporate Video and other prestigious showbiz & entertainment projects.

Furthermore our services arm facilitates producers and filmmakers with location services and scouts, Camera crews and camera equipment rentals and Total Post Production & High end VFX services.

Media Production Businesses


Production of Feature Films & Television Entertainment Content

The production business direction of DIAMOND WORLD PRODUCTIONS is creating, developing and producing world class action adventure entertainment content, whether on our own finance or with the collaboration of foreign partners. We are making exciting action movies that have attraction for international audiences and have a good worldwide business potential. Our team includes skilled professionals who assist in various stages of production, much like those who offer support in academic work, similar to services  , ensuring the quality of academic theses. Our most recent film project “LOVE IS LIFE” is a 90-minute action film slated for release in 2012 and by then is set to make its initial global promotion. We specialize in the production of entertaining action movies, and the overall craft of action filmmaking and the level of fight scenes choreography, stunts, treatment, post-production, and story work is at par with any big budget big studio production.

We are handling Feature Film production in the budget range of USD 0.5 Million – 20 Million

International Film, Television Documentary & Video Production Services
We are facilitating local and foreign producers for getting their media projects made on time and with a lower cost. For all types of Feature film, Episodic TV, Documentary, Music video & entertainment projects we are providing a complete production solution. From pre-production to production and post-production we are handling all stages of a production and delivering quality content to the satisfaction of the client. Our TV Production Films like ” Dill Mara DharkenTari ” ” The Loss of Life” and ” The LOVE MARREGE” have won wide acclaim. Our International Clientele Includes organizations like Pakistan TV &ZOOM FILM Ltd, Nationwide Production, Multi Advertising Production Ltdand a number of International producers and media content investors.

International Television Advertisement Production,
The TVC and corporate films division of DIAMOND WORLD PRODUCTIONS is an expert in producing well crafted TV commercials and corporate videos for local and International Brands. From concept development to Production of lavish commercials and promotional films and to the final delivery and placement of ad films on satellite channels and International media we are delivering ads with a packaged Production & Brand Campaign approach that is far more cost effective than getting ad production done from a typical ad agency since they charge big amounts of unnecessary overheads and we are charging for the actual production expenses and our media placement costs have a reduced markup.

We are making commercials with the production budget range of PKR 15 lacs to 20 lacs for local brands and USD800k-1000k for International brands.
We have taken on board selected creative talent and production personnel from the industry for working on our prestigious projects and for assuring an optimum content production.

Camera Equipment,
We use top of the line Camera equipment of Canon & Sony HD for filming of our productions. Other branded camera equipment owned and used by us includes Glidecam, Sennheiser, Libec.
Production Facilities,
Our Production studio in Lahore Pakistan has state of the art Digital green screen studio facility equipped with multi HD camera setup, that caters to production needs of various film, Episodic Television & video projects.
Our newly developed modern digital post-production studio is fully capable of doing complete editing and post work of all kinds of International films & TV productions.

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Email: info@diamondtv.tv

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